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The Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP Model is a powerful problem-solving approach to clinical decision-making, and is accompanied by user-friendly tools to guide individual or group use.  It is designed specifically to meet the needs of the practicing nurse.

This course is an engaging online experience, containing interactive elements, self-checks, instructional videos, and demonstrations of how to put EBP into use.  The course follows the EBP process from beginning to end and provides guidance to the learner on how to proceed, using the tools that are part of the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP model.



The Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP series focuses on the use of EBP to solve problems faced by bedside nurses, nurse educators, and nurse managers and leaders. It is designed for individual nurses or for broad use by health care organizations and schools of nursing.

Johns Hopkins Health System clinical staff and JHU School of Nursing faculty/students are welcome to take this series of courses free of charge.  To access the coupon you need to register, go to the JHH Nursing Intranet. If you are with the JHHS or JHUSON, but aren't able to access the intranet, email us.


After completing this series of courses, you will be able to:

  1. Participate in EBP projects
  2. Answer clinical, educational, and administrative problems using the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice (JHNEBP) Model
  3. Identify an EBP problem and question
  4. Search and appraise literature
  5. Implement change using the JHNEBP Model
  • Course 1: What is EBP?
    Here, the learner will be able to define EBP, discuss its importance for nurses in healthcare, and describe the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP Model. They will also learn to differentiate between three forms of inquiry: research; quality improvement; and EBP.
  • Course 2: Practice Problem, Question, and Project Planning
    Develop and refine an EBP question. Using the PET (Problem, Evaluation, Translation) process, take an issue and from it define a practice problem. Then, using the PICO format, construct a measurable EBP question, and learn how to plan the EBP project.
  • Course 3: Appraising Evidence
    Demonstrate ability to access library resources and sources of evidence, and demonstrate the appraisal of research and non-research evidence.  Identify sources and types of evidence, and determine the level and quality of evidence using JHNEBP tools.
  • Course 4: Summarizing the Evidence
    Demonstrate the ability to draw clear evidence-based conclusions. Describe how to synthesize the overall level and quality of evidence, draw conclusions, and discuss translation paths based on evidence found.
  • Course  5: Translation
    Successfully construct measurable outcomes and strategies for communicating and disseminating translation and implementation of change. Identify stakeholders and inter-professional team.
We are happy to give permission for you to use our model and tools.  Please submit this very short form.
Click here to download a zipped file of the EBP tools.
Thank you to the following Johns Hopkins EBP Steering Committee members who contributed their knowledge and expertise the the development of this course:  K. Bissett L.Costa, M. Cvach, D. Dang, S. Dearholt, S. Dudley-Brown, S. Kulik, H. Mark, M.Olsen, J. Shaefer, M. Terhaar, K. White, S. Verillo.
Our EBP experts are available to provide consultation and/or customized education at your facility. If interested, please contact us.


  • Accreditation Statement:  The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
  • Statement of Contact Hours:  This 2.7 contact hour educational activity is provided by The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing.
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